Spare Parts for Open Cup Sets

Our Open Freemie Collection Cups work with many of the most popular breast pumps available. Find replacement and maintenance parts here.

Keep your cup set operating smoothly by always using a compatible pump with the correct pump connection.

Follow our care instructions to get the most life out of your Open Freemie Cup Set.

Avoid upset to your pumping schedule. Plan to replace duckbill valves every 2-3 months, sooner if use is heavy.

Cup parts are durable, but can also become damaged. Always boil hard parts again when adding a new hard cup part. Never boil soft cup parts.

Use of second-hand or off brand parts, or unapproved pumps is not likely to be successful and should be avoided.

Open Freemie Cups do not have a tongue-shaped barrier inside.

Breast pump products are for personal use and are not returnable once opened.
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