Freemie Cups For Your Pump

Freemie Cups make a compatible breast pump hands-free and discreet. Lightweight and low cost Freemie Cups allow you to pump anytime, anywhere, around anyone.

Lots of breast pumps may work fine for you, but in most situations the traditional bottle/flange setup that requires you to frontally undress simply won't do. We took that old design and made super lightweight cups that you wear in your bra to collect expressed milk.

There are two types of Freemie Cups - Original and Next Gen - and they work with different pumps. So your pump determines which Freemie Cup set to get.

Our new Next Generation Freemie Cup set includes everything needed to use with these compatible pumps:

  • Spectra (M1, 9 Plus, S1, S2, S1 Plus, S2 Plus)
  • Philips (Avent Twin Electric, Comfort)
  • Ameda (Purely Yours, Purely Yours Ultra, Finesse)
  • Unimom (Forte)
  • NUK (Expressive)
  • Ardo (Calypso)
  • Evenflo (Advanced)
  • BellaBaby (Duo Rechargable, Bella Baby Duo Pocket)
  • PiAEK (Electric)
  • Mosfiata (Automatic Double and Single)
  • Nuby (Ultimate)

Our Original Freemie Collection Cups (FG041) include a connection kit for the following compatible pumps:

  • Medela (Lactina)
  • Medela (Personal)
  • Medela (Pump in Style)
  • Medela (Pump in Style Advanced)
  • Medela (Symphony)

At this time Freemie Cups do not work with Medela Freestyle, Sonata or Swing pumps.

Add Freemie Cups to your compatible pump now to have a freer pumping experience!

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